Harvest 2018 in Ribera del Duero of excellent quality

Expectation:excellent storage potential vintage 2018

Amsterdam, November 2018 – The Consejo Regulador de la Denominación deOrigen Ribera del Duero has harvested a total of 125 million kilos of grapesbetween 17 September and the beginning of November. A total of 8,300 winemakersand 315 wineries together were responsible for the harvest of the 22,530hectares of land registered with the Denominacion de Origen. During the harvestit turned out immediately that the grapes are healthy and of excellent quality.The grapes are expected to lend themselves well to making wines as well aswines to enjoy young.

Spring frost and hot Spanish summer

The growing season in Ribera del Duero was colder than usual this year, with even a few nights of frost in May. This caused the vines to start a little later than usual. June was fortunately a good month and in July the hot Spanish summer began, in which the grapes could have developed nicely.

“We are looking back on a long period of harvesting. The first grapes were harvested on September 17th and now, in early November, the last bunches have been brought in. The conditions in October were perfect for harvesting ripe grapes, with maximum temperatures of 25 degrees during the day and cold nights of around 5 degrees. In general, the grapes of this year’s harvest have a very good acidity and firm but not excessive tannins. The wines show themselves in the mouth somewhat fresher than usual, according to Agustín Alonso, technical director of the Regulador.

About the Consejo Regulador de la Denominación de Origen Ribera del Duero

About the Regulatory Council for the Appellation of Origin Ribera del Duero

This organism is responsible for guarding over the genuineness of the wines of this region, assuring that every bottle that wears its back- label has overcome and succeed the more rigorous quality controls.

Near 300 wineries are part of this demarcation placed in the basin of the river Duero that was selected as Better Wine-growing Region of the World in 2012. The wines from Ribera del Duero are characterized by their great quality, limited production and a strong bet by the innovation. The eagerness in overcoming, the experience and a creative attitude, together with the dedication, tradition and talent of his vine and wine growers, make of this Region a unique place

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