About Us

In most of the countries there are a only a few PR agencies who speak the language of Food & Wine. Every day they connect food and wine companies and producers through professionals and media to the consumers. To protect their good names and knowledge, secure their networks, create sustainable worldwide relations, retain their business and consistently behave future proof, these premium food and wine PR agencies can now be found via this platform.

All the agencies have a proven track record in PR for food and wine labels and producers. They have build a strong network with food professionals, trade and media in their own country. They know the domestic culture and predict trends, even create new ones. The agencies can be seen as real influencers in their specific market.

The Food & Wine Republic is the perfect solution for companies and organisations that are looking for a company that can execute a European or USA campaign. They will have the domestic agency as contractor who manages the other European or American agencies as subcontractor. Using the domestic knowledge and culture of each country will strenghten the campaign.