10 Years of Wine & Food PR and Still Hungry for More

Hamburg, 8.10.2020: The PR agency ff.k Public Relations, situated in Hamburg, celebrates its 10th anniversary this month. The three founders are keen to look forward, as the world of communication is rather dynamic and in constant and exciting change.

Today, ff.k Public Relations is one of the leading marketing and communication agencies in the food sector. The PR agency supports in particular consortia and interest groups for high- quality wine and food on the German market and in Switzerland. The agency was founded in October 2010 by three experience consultants Meike Frers, Elke Fierenz and Jan C. Koch, who have now been working in this industry for over 20 years.

Today, the 15-member team advises winegrowers’ consortia, export associations and selected brand producers from all major European countries of origin. It all starts with the development of an individual strategy on which the mostly long-term campaigns are based. “The aim is to help the producers of high-quality products to become more positively perceived and more successful in our highly competitive market,” says Jan C. Koch. “For many years we have been working with similarly structured, also owner-managed agencies throughout Europe, because our customers need a strong alternative to the large, globalized agencies,” adds Koch. “That is why ff.k also is one of the founding members of the European network ‘Food & Wine Republic’.

“Ten years ago, we wanted to set up our own business with what we were good at: PR for quality wine and food with special origins”, the three managing directors agree, “and today, ten years later, we are still doing exactly that – just completely different.” says Meike Frers. “Even after these 10 years, we are still hungry for more, because PR stays exciting and dynamic. It’s particularly the continuous change that challenges us to cut off old habits: Ten years ago, we were proud to design facebook pages for our customers and send press releases completely digitally, today we design 360-degree communication campaigns that are strongly influenced by digital networking, influencer marketing, social media and multi-channel marketing,” says Meike Frers. “We offer all kinds of food event formats, from small exclusive tastings for top sommeliers to events for several thousand wine lovers on a single weekend,” she describes.

“We owe our success not only to our decades of experience in the industry but particularly to our dynamic, well trained young team. The ‘digital natives’ among us have been the driving force, especially in recent months, as they developed new, innovative measures from which our customers benefit during challenging Corona times. And mobile working has become an intrinsic part of everyday work,” explains Elke Fierenz. “We are therefore looking ahead with great confidence and are passionately shaping the constant change.”

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